Please note the following updates regarding this years Saxophone Auditions, Fall 2023 Admission

1) At this time, there are no pre-screening rounds.

2) Auditions are now In-Person. Scholarship consideration will be given to those that audition on campus. Video submissions are acceptable, and are still eligble for scholarships pending quality of video and situation (please contact Dr. Edward Goodman if you have concerns at 

3) No audition can be scheduled before you have applied to both The University of Arizona (UA Admissions) and the Fred Fox School of Music (Acceptd). Once you have done both, please contact Dr. Goodman to schedule a date and a time. Scholarship priority for undergraduate students applying for Fall 2022 will be given to those students who audition by Saturday, February 25th, 2023 audition date (last audition date listed below).

4) Please be in touch with Dr. Edward Goodman to ensure a smooth audition process and experience throughout. Email:

Audition Dates for Fall 2023 Admission 

Official Music Audition Dates (Listed on the Fred Fox School of Music Website):

  • Saturday, January 28th, 2023 – ALL INSTRUMENTS AND VOICE
  • Saturday, February 11th, 2023 – ALL INSTRUMENTS AND VOICE 

Alternate Audition Dates (SAXOPHONE ONLY)

  • Friday, February 17th, 2023
  • Saturday, February 18th, 2023
  • Friday, February 24th, 2023
  • Saturday, February 25th, 2023

*If for some reason you are not able to audition on any of the above dates, or you have missed the scheduled audition dates but would still like the opportunity to audition for admission, please email Dr. Edward Goodman to schedule an alternate audition date and time. Pending circumstance(s), the student may still be eligible for scholarship. Dr. Goodman will ensure that a date/time works for all those interested.

In-Person Audition

It is encouraged that all applicants audition on campus at the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music. During your time here, you will have the opprotunity to meet with Dr. Edward Goodman to address any questions you may have about the music program, saxophone studio, scholarship opprotunities, or anything else you might have questions about. You will also have the opportunity to view our beautiful campus, and meet students in our studio! Once you confirm your audition with us, Dr. Goodman will then be in touch with you about setting up a meeting.   

Video Audition Details

It is encouraged that all applicants audition on campus at the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music. However, if this is not possible, you can audition via LIVE online (Zoom) or Video Submission. It is up to the applicant whether they wish to do their audition LIVE online (Zoom) or video submission. Please communicate with Dr. Goodman regarding which option would serve you best. Both video submission and LIVE via Zoom auditions are acceptable, and will be reviewed equally. Note that video auditions are still eligible for scholarships, but greater consideration will be given to those auditioning in person (pending circumstance – communicate with Dr. Goodman if you have any concerns). 

After the video audition has been reviewed, pending results, Dr. Goodman will then schedule a meeting with the applicant for a chance to get to know one another, ask questions about the studio, or anything regarding the program (studio, music program, scholarships, etc). If the audition is LIVE via Zoom, the meeting will be held immediately after the student is done performing. 

Deadlines for Submitting Videos

Coordinate with Dr. Edward Goodman if you plan to do a video/zoom audition. You will be assigned a due date for when you will submit your video, or perform LIVE via Zoom. The due dates and zoom auditions will be the following dates (same as above). Times will be determined between you and Dr. Goodman via email:

  • Saturday, January 28th, 2023 
  • Saturday, February 11th, 2023 
  • Friday, February 17th, 2023
  • Saturday, February 18th, 2023
  • Friday, February 24th, 2023
  • Saturday, February 25th, 2023

Uploading Your Video

You may either upload your video(s) to YouTube, or share your videos via Google Folder share. If you have an alternate method, please let Dr. Goodman know. Regardless of your method, share to this email:

Depending on how you share your video with Dr. Goodman, you may need to make more than 1 video. For example, YouTube only allows up to 15 minutes per video. So you are welcome to send more than 1 link if you upload your video via YouTube (ex: 1 video is scales and etudes, another video is repertoire). Directions on “how to upload a video to YouTube” is listed at the very end of this document.

Please note: Your audition video should be unedited.

They should be single takes for full consideration of admission/scholarships. 

LIVE via Zoom Audition Details

If you are requesting to have a LIVE via Zoom audition (no video submission), your audition will be held on the actual audition day (same as the dates listed above). A time will be confirmed between you and Dr. Goodman. Be in touch with him via email to confirm.

Saxophone Audition Requirements

Undergraduate Applicants  

  1. Undergraduate auditions for Performance, Music Education, and Instrumental Studies applicants consist of the following (all included in video submission):


  • Play 6 major scales at a tempo of your choosing.
  • Play 5 minor scales at a tempo of your choosing: Can be a combination of Natural, Harmonic, Melodic (if you prefer playing 1 kind of minor, that is fine (demonstrate what you are capable of).
  • Scales should be “full range” if possible – ask for clarification if needed.


  • Two contrasting etudes of your choice from Ferling/Mule 48 Studies after Ferling: One that’s slow, and another that demonstrates your technical skills. If you wish to use a different etude book, please let Dr. Goodman know. It must be similar in scope to the Ferling.  


  • Prepare one of the works from the repertoire list below, or a major work of similar scope and difficulty that represents your highest proficiency. You may also pick movements deriving from different works.
  • Fill up at least 10 minutes worth of music (can therefore be a combination of movements from the same piece, or multiple pieces). 

Alto Saxophone (Preferred for classical saxophone):

  • Concerto by Glazunov
  • Tableaux de Provence by Maurice
  • Scaramouche by Milhaud
  • Concertino da Camera by Ibert
  • Sonata by Creston
  • Concerto by Dubois
  • Improvisation et Caprice by Bozza
  • Rhapsody by Debussy/Rousseau
  • Sonata by Heiden
  • Fantasia by Villa Lobos (soprano/tenor)
  • Sonata No. 6 by J.S. Bach/arr. Mule
  • Sonata by Eccles/arr. Rascher
  • Sonata by Jeanine Ruff

Tenor Saxophone (Only if your primary instrument is tenor):

  • Sonata by Vivaldi/arr. Rascher
  • Poem by Walter Hartley
  • Sonata by James DiPasquale
  • Sonata by William Schmidt Sonata by Arthur Frackenpohl
  • Fantasia by Heitor Villa Lobos 

Baritone Saxophone (Only if your primary instrument is baritone):

  • 1st Cello Suite by J.S. Bach/arr. Londeix or Kynaston or Caravan
  • Sonata by William Schmidt
  • Improvisation et Caprice by Eugene Bozza

  1. Undergraduate auditions for Jazz Studies applicants consist of the following (all included in video submission):


  • Play 6 major scales at a tempo of your choosing.
  • Play 5 minor scales at a tempo of your choosing – Can be a combination of Natural, Harmonic, Melodic (if you prefer playing 1 kind of minor, that is fine – demonstrate what you are capable of). 
  • Scales should be “full range” if possible – ask for clarification if needed. 


  • Prepare three memorized standards of contrasting style (i.e. medium swing, ballad, waltz, latin, odd meter, straight 8th, etc.).
  • Play the melody and improvise a few choruses on each. 

Saxophone Audition Requirements

Graduate Applicants  

Master of Music in Saxophone Performance and Doctor of Musical Arts auditions consist of the following (all included in video submission):

  1. Graduate auditions for Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts (Performance) applicants consist of the following (video tape the following):


  • Prepare and play all major and harmonic minor scales demonstrating full range scales.
  • Tempos of your choosing. 


  • Choose 1 etude from the 28 Studies after the Modes of Oliver Messaien by Guy LaCour.


Prepare at least two major works in its entirety that will demonstrate your highest level of musical and technical development. It is recommend that at least one of the selections include one of the following works: Berio, Sequenza IXb; Dahl, Concerto; Denisov, Sonata; Albright, Sonata; Erik Larsson, Concerto; Bolcom, Lilith; Bolcom, Concert Suite; Lennon, Symphonic Rhapsody.

Suggested repertoire for your second piece includes (Or something similar in scope and difficulty):

  • Concertino da Camera by Jacques Ibert
  • Variations Pathetiques by Ida Gotkovsky
  • Brilliance by Ida Gotkovsky
  • Legende by Florent Schmitt
  • Elegie et Rondeau by Karel Husa
  • Concerto by Karel Husa
  • Tre Pezzi by Giacinto Scelsi
  • Distances Within Me by John Anthony Lennon
  • Mysterious Morning III by Fuminori Tanada
  • Sequenza VIIb by Luciano Berio
  • Hard by Christian Lauba Opcit by Philippe Hurel
  • Fuzzy Bird Sonata by Takashi Yoshimatsu
  • Klonos by Piet Swerts
  • Fantasia by Heitor Villa Lobos
  • Ballade by Frank Martin
  • Concerto by Donald Martino
  • Sonata by David Maslanka
  • Lamento and Rondo by Pierre Sancan

*Optional, but strongly encouraged: Jazz standard(s) or blues with soloing*

Need help uploading a video?

How to upload a YouTube Video

    1. Go to
    2. Click on the symbol in the upper right hand corner of the screen that looks like a “camera with a +.” Then, click on upload video.
    3. Drag or drop your video file here.
    4. Title the video the “piece and your name.” Click next.
    5. At video elements, you don’t need to select anything, just click next.
    6. For privacy settings, select “unlisted.” This way, you are still able to share your video to others while not having it be visable to the rest of the world.
    7. Once the video is fully uploaded, copy the link to the video and send it to me via email at

    *If for some reason you are having trouble uploading your video on Youtube, please let me know so I can assist. There are certainly other ways to upload videos, so if Youtube gives you a hard time there are other options. Try this first and we will go from there

    If you have any questions at all, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible: Thank you for considering the University of Arizona Fred Fox School of Music! I look forward to receiving your audition, learning more about you, and to potentially be a part of your musical journey. Bear Down!


    Dr. Edward Goodman