Gallery – Featured Photos

Left – James Gutierrez preparing for Juries. Performing with graduate student Mary Turcotte. 

Right – George Rosas’s dress rehearsal for his Junior Recital. Performing with Hannah Creviston. 

Left – Jazz Combo performance on the UA Saxophone Studio Recital: Michael Strenta, Autumn Dominguez, Harry Bryant, and Robby Avila. 

Right – Catalina Quartet featured performance on the University of Arizona Collage Concert. 

Left – UA FFSofM head sound engineer Wiley Ross working with saxophone students on developing professional quality recordings (*Recording services are free for School of Music faculty and students). 

Right – The Catalina Quartet recording.  

Left – The Wind Symphony saxophone section after one of their concerts: Richard Rubin, Kelsie Grimsley, Maya Armendariz, James Gutierrez.

Right – The Picacho Quartet performing in studio class: Christopher Vasquez, Autumn Dominguez, Richard Rubin, Anthony Elias-Hand. 

Left – Guest Artist Professor Joseph Lulloff after his recital. Students in this photo include students from University of Arizona (UA), Arizona State (ASU), and Northern Arizona University (NAU). 

Right – Guest Artist Professor Allen Rippe giving a master class to UA student Jose Ramos. 

Left – Sursum Quartet rehearsing outside the Fred Fox School of Music: Robby Avila, George Rosas, Aj Pratt, Ashley Krogstad.  

Right – Jeffrey Malone getting ready to perform his Senior Recital. 

Left – UA Saxophone Day exhibit room featuring instruments from Instrumental Music Center. Students in this photo are from all around the state of Arizona.

Right – UA Saxophone Studio back stage getting ready to perform on our studio recital for the term.   

Left – Jeffrey Malone with Dr. Goodman after graduation. Mr. Malone is now the Band Director of Peoria High School. 

Right – Dr. Goodman performing with Hannah Creviston at UA Saxophone Day 2017. 

Left – UA Saxophone Studio Pizza Party to kick off the semester. 

Right – UA Saxophone Ensemble. 

Left – Dr. Goodman with UA Guest Artist Nobuya Sugawa after presenting a master class. 

Right – Nobuya Sugawa performing his recital. 

Left – University of Arizona Saxophone Studio “outtakes,” 2017.

Right – “Outtakes,” 2018.